How to Fix Dry Skin in Winters

Itchy, stretched, dry, and dehydrated… these are just a few words that a person with dry skin in winter uses the most. Moreover, there is a constant need to apply layers of moisturizer and cover every part of the body so that it doesn’t get exposed to chilly winds. There are tons of things that we do in an effort to fix dry skin in winter. Worry not girl, I am here with all my research and so much good information for your topmost query, how to fix dry skin?

I have combination skin but my skin does become a lot drier during the winter months. It is drier to the extent that I need to patch on my moisturizer many times, use a mild soap or body wash, and a lot of other things that we will discuss today. Although it is not at all a serious condition, it sure is a matter of concern as no one wants the uneasiness that comes with dry, patchy stretched skin. However, if you get red dry patches on your face during the winter months, I would suggest you see a dermatologist once. Although this is extremely common in areas that experience heavy snowfall, red dry patches still need an expert opinion.

Alright! Let us get started on what causes dry skin, how to fix dry skin, and get soft, supple, and glowing skin that breathes! [You may like to read: Skincare Products that Changed my skin for good.]

What Causes Dry Skin?

It is usually the change in temperature! Low moisture in the air tends to suck out a lot of natural oils from your skin (mostly the exposed parts) thus making it dry. Especially in winters, the more exposure to hot baths, bonfires, heaters, and all can also reduce the moisture level in your skin. In the northern hemisphere, where winters are extreme, people might also experience red dry patches on their face.

Other than the climatic factors, it can be due to some medications. Mostly the anti-acne treatments cause dryness on the skin. Another reason can be the soap or body wash that you are using, if you already have dry to combination skin and you are using harsh soaps, it will aggravate the skin condition. More or less, the simple answer to what causes dry skin is lack of moisture.

How to Fix Dry Skin in Winter?

It is not at all difficult to manage the moisture level in your skin. All you need to do is to fix what you apply over it and what you eat. Few fixes that can prove a lot beneficial to fix even the red dry patches on face are as follows

Bath Products

Use a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser to clean your body. Check the ingredient list carefully for any drying elements. Better still, search for milk soap or the one infused with glycerin. Do not overdo the cleansing process by lathering up, instead use only the required quantity to just remove all dirt. The body wash or soap brand that I recommend for dry skin is Dove.

Another way to ensure your bath products don’t take away all the moisture from your skin is to get an oil massage. Just use coconut oil and massage it all over your body before taking your shower. It will create a layer of moisture and will retain the moisture for a longer time.

Bath Time and Temperature

We all love the hot water shower during chilly winter days. However, this is another way of how to fix dry skin! Limit the bath time and take quick showers. Also, say no to hot showers and switch to the warmer ones. Adjust the temperature of water to what doesn’t feel cold but is also not hot enough to irritate your skin.

Once you are done with your warm water shower, pat dry your body with a towel. Furthermore, immediately after drying your body, put on the layer of moisturizer to lock in the moisture.

Skincare Products

Two things I cannot live without because of my dry skin in winters are moisturizer and lip balm. Choosing the right moisturizer is a task! Something that feels just right for the amount of dryness you are dealing with. If you get red dry patches on your face, you should only use the basic petroleum jellies. These are trusted, basic, and effective than any other moisturizer there is. Petroleum jellies are filled with mineral oils and create a protective layer of moisture.

For people looking for moisturizers, search a little more and look for oil-based creams. Make sure you see jojoba oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, lanolin, Glycerin, Hyaluronic, etc in the composition list. These ingredients have rich moisturizing properties and allow your skin to survive during the harsh winters. Along with this, use a rich creamy lip balm that keeps your lips hydrated and doesn’t let them chap. If required use the moisturizing lipsticks for some time.

Avoid the Heat

Avoid cozying up by the side of your fireplace or direct room heaters. The air gets all dried up and so does your skin. If you can’t do without them, consider using a humidifier. A humidifier balances the dry effect that the heat causes in the air around you.

Dose up on Antioxidants

Sometimes I am actually surprised to see how antioxidants and omega-3s can really bless the skin. They are coming to your rescue to fix dry skin in winters as well. Antioxidants minimize the damage that dry air causes to your skin cells and also help build healthier skin cells. Foods rich in antioxidants that are your answer to how to fix dry skin are:

  • Carrots
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Berries

Foods rich in omega-3s that add a natural glow to your skin are:

  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Seed oils

Make sure you make them a part of your routine in order to get healthy glowing skin. Furthermore, do not forget to hydrate! Winters mean a lot of warm drinks like coffees or teas. However, in order to get healthy skin, switch to herbal teas, soups, or just plain water. You can also read my Health and Fitness section for more information. 

Hope you have found enough tips on how to fix dry skin in winters. The pr-tip today is, cover your body parts as much as you can if you step out. The key is always locking in the moisture. Moisture in your skin, moisture in the air around you, and even in your bath routine! In the next section of my blog, I will be sharing some homemade moisturizers that are a real blessing for dry skin in winters. Till then, follow me on Instagram!