How to stay positive in the current situation: Covid19

Times are tough… but so are you! We all are into a situation where only our attitude and our mindsets can help us. There’s no cure but there are precautions. Before we start, yes the situation is serious but it won’t help if you get negative. So let’s find out ways and discuss how to stay positive in the current situation.

Note: Stay indoors; abide by the rules and regulations. Understand that you are doing this for yourself and your loved ones only.

how to stay positive

Good start to your day

Do not pick your phone up the moment you open your eyes. Social media is so full of so much information that you definitely not need it first thing in the morning. Take your time just sink the day in before you check what’s happening around.


Meditation is the best thing in the present times. It calms you down, reduces anxiety, and relaxes your mind. There are so many ways in which meditation helps. When we discuss how to stay positive, meditation is the first answer. Make it a habit to devote at least 20 minutes every day to meditate. There are many guided meditations on youtube, pick any and just start! [You may like to read: Benefits of Meditation.]

Refrain from social media

Misleading information and fake news are what we need to corner from. People need to act responsibly while forwarding the messages or videos that have any form of information related to coronavirus and the situation in different parts of the world. Stay updated and watch the news or just rely on the information shared by the official organizations. Use social media to spread positivity. Share good content and maybe you can also share ways how to stay positive and survive through the quarantine.

how to stay positive

Make a list

So you need to make a list of all the things that you always wanted to do. Clean the wardrobe, de-clutter, read a book, binge watch!!!! So many times you make an excuse for not getting enough time, then why not now! So the next thing is how to stay positive in the current situation is to do what you always wanted to do while you stay at home!

Stay indoors, spend lots of time with your family and take countless naps! Stay tuned with us on Facebook.

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