How to Stop Hair Fall and Get Thick Hair

If you have been searching for how to stop hair fall and get thick hair, your search ends here! If you are losing more hair than normal, you need to be concerned. It can be due to many reasons which may include, stress, pregnancy, nutrient deficiency, or hereditary factors. My research and solutions are based on all the above-mentioned factors. I would also want to mention here that these techniques don’t stop your hair fall in one day, it’s a gradual process. How to stop hair fall and thick hair? Keep reading…

how to stop hair fall and get thick hair

Hair Oil Massage

The first thing is definitely going to be an oil massage. When we look for the options for how to stop hair fall and get thick hair, oil massage tops the list. Choose good oil; see if you can find the natural ones. Coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil are definitely your friends. For best results, you can mix all three keeping the castor oil quantity one-third of the others. Massage your hair before you wash your hair every time. You need not keep the oil in your hair overnight, I always say that one hour will be just enough because the trick is massage not keeping the oil in!

Wash Routine

You have to keep a balance, do not over wash your hair and at the same time do not under wash as well. Keep a gap of at least two days between two hair washes. Also, chose a gentle, mild shampoo. Look for the paraben and sulfate-free options. There are many options available in the market these days.

The next thing in your wash routine would be the use of a conditioner. Yes, you cannot skip the conditioning part. Better if you use the conditioner from the same brand as your shampoo so that the composition matches. More tips on how to stop hair fall and thick hair? Keep reading…

how to stop hair fall and get thick hair


Use a wooden comb to brush your hair. Wide-tooth wooden combs eliminated the risk of hair breakage due to static electricity produced by plastic combs. Also never brush your hair when they are wet. Let your hair dry completely before you untangle them. Another pro-tip is to comb your hair down-up while you are untangling them.

Hair Spa at home

Spas are relaxing and your strands love them too! Indulge in a hair spa regime at home. For this follow these steps:

  • Massage your hair with good hot oil for about 20 minutes.
  • Now take a clean towel and wet it in lukewarm water and ring dry.
  • Wrap this towel around your head for about half an hour. You can keep dipping the towel again and again if you feel it’s not giving enough steam to your hair.
  • Remove the towel after half an hour and follow your wash routine.

Note: you can replace the oil with a good hair mask and if you have a hair steamer, nothing like it!

Trim your hair

Trimming actually helps. It strengthens the hair; removes dry, split, and brittle hair hence making them less prone to breakage. As suggested, trimming should be done every 3 months. You don’t have to go for a salon only, if you can do it at home also it’s fine! It’s just the trim.

how to stop hair fall and get thick hair

Eat Good

If the issue is nutrition, and you need to know how to stop hair fall and get thick hair, diet is your answer. Consume vitamin C rich foods like amla, oranges, sweet lime, and strawberries to improve hair strength, shine, and thickness of your hair.

Stay hydrated, drink enough water as dehydration can lead to dry, frizzy, and lifeless hair. Make it a point to drink 2-3 liters of water every day. Avoid drinking sweetened juices or frizz drinks.

Increase your protein intake, consume lentils, eggs, fish soybean, and nuts. You can also include veggies like carrot, bottle guard, pumpkin, ladyfinger and there are many more options.

While you research how to stop hair fall and get thick hair, you need to know that it’s all about the external-internal balance. You need to eat good, follow a proper hair care regime as well as keep your self mentally relaxed. For more hair care tips, click here. Follow me on Instagram for product recommendations.

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