The secret behind the 14 years of successful marriage

The film and TV industry is always filled with news of break-ups, divorces, and separations. Moreover, the even worst kind of rumors is the link-ups. Few couples who are away from all the negativity makes it to a happy successful marriage.

One such couple is Husein Kuwajerwala and his wife Tina. Theirs was an inter-religion marriage and much to everyone’s surprise, it was one happy and cordial one. There were no firecrackers in the family and everything went smooth right from the beginning.



Narrating how his love story started, Husein once shared in media about Tina being his college love. He said, “My Love story was set then on. Having a girlfriend in college, especially in our times felt on top of the world. Everyone amongst our friends knew we would go a long way together and make it to the altar.” Furthermore, he said, “Our union was very Bollywood I must say. Everything was perfect and smooth. But I realized I needed a career. With Tina things were steady and clear and we both wanted it to be a serious, long-term, committed relationship.”

Tina in the same interview, revealed her part of the story as she said, “both of us knew we have found our soulmate in each other. Since we dated for many years, we also went through the difficult phase of relation. But at the end of it, we were so much in love with each other.” Upon how he confessed his love for Tina, Husein has a unique story. Looking at their 14 years long successful marriage, would you believe it wasn’t Husein who first confessed his love to Tina?



Narrating an incident on this, Husein told how one day both of them were sitting along with a friend. This friend suddenly told Tina that Husein loves her! As per Husein, he was stunned and didn’t know how to react. He also mentioned that this is when his beautiful memories started! For what we learn from this story is that for a successful marriage all it takes is love! But when Husein was asked about his secret to a successful marriage, he really has some notes to give you all.

Husein said, “I believe that every marriage has its own beauty. For me, the reason for our successful marriage is three “S” that I follow. They stand for Sorry, Sun Raha hu na baby and Silence. ” As per Husein if you follow these three religiously at the right time, you definitely will make it to a successful marriage! Well, jokes apart, the secrets to a successful marriage will always remain love, trust, and honesty


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