Introducing the Best Skincare Brand of 2020

Hello readers! Another skincare related blog and another topic of discussion… This time it’s going to be about one brand that is according to me the best skincare brand of 2020. Although I have tried this one in 2019 it’s definitely going to stay with me throughout this year. I was introduced to Blue Nector through a PR collaboration and it hence became one of those close to my heart brands. Listed below are the products that I have tried and each product has worked from good to best for me.

About Blue Nectar

Blue Nectar is an ayurvedic brand that relies a lot on the natural ingredients and high herbal quotient. Why Blue Nectar is my best skincare brand of 2020? Because it pampers your skin and doesn’t make it through the chemical processes. It’s all-natural, effective and with zero side effects. A lot of herbs that are part of every Indian kitchen are used so beautifully in the products that you are sure to love them. So it is not only dealing with your external façade but also internally heals your skin. Let’s get back to the products that I happen to use.

Kumkumadi Oil and Face Serum

You must have heard about Kumkumadi in so many commercials related to skin brightening. It is basically saffron which is widely known to beautify, brighten up and heal the skin. Along with saffron, there are 26 vital herbs present in this face serum which together work miraculously. How I used it as a night serum. Wash your face and apply just 2 drops of this face serum and massage well. You are sure to wake up with soft, bright, glowing and eventually clearer face.

Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser

The first thing to mention: the fragrance is heavenly! And so is the texture. Infused with some of the best ingredients in the purest form, this one is another product that makes them the best skincare brand of 2020. Raw honey, that helps brighten the skin tone, aloe vera that works best to remove any dark spots or pigmentation and 8 other that raise the herbal quotient to the next level. So what exactly I have done is that I have coupled this one with the Niraa lotion with cocoa butter. [You might like to read: Best moisturizers for dry skin]

best skincare brand

Niraa Lotion Cocoa Butter lotion with SPF 30

So one reason to use this lotion is that it also manages to give you sufficient sun protection. Moreover, you can save yourself from putting another layer. I have the dry skin, this one has come as a blessing. It literally just seeps into the skin and makes it super soft and smooth. The nice subtle aroma of Nargis also rejuvenates your senses. All-natural, no chemicals at all so do I even need to say that it’s the best thing?

best skincare brand

Niraa Mist (Chamba Wild Nargis)

To smell good is not just for others, it’s for you! A right kind of fragrance can also help soothe your mind and keep you relaxed. The fragrance is how I like so I can’t really speak about the kind of fragrance you would prefer. It stays for a longer time and won’t give a headache at all!

If you wanna buy the Blue Nector products, visit their website Also if you want to know about any of their products, just ping me! I’ll make sure I use it and review it for you…

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