Korean Beauty Products for Dark Skin: Skin lightening made easy

Korean beauty products and Korean skincare is no more an untold secret now. There is a lot written and said already about the Korean skincare routine and more. But you will find less about Korean beauty products for dark skin. Did you know that these skincare products are also good for lightening the skin tone as well? Well, there is a list of Korean beauty products for dark skin that work wonders and you must try them out! Wanna know all about it? Keep reading ahead!

List of Korean beauty products for dark skin

korean beauty products for dark skin

Corsx Triple C lightning liquid

We won’t say it will whiten up your skin because that’s not even the idea! But this super effective serum will lighten and brighten your skin adding a dewy glow within a few applications only. With an ample amount of SPF protection and loads of vitamin C, this is indeed a magical liquid. Moreover, it is used to cure acne scars, tanning, pigmentation and dark circles.

korean beauty products for dark skin

Aqua Capsule Sun Control Gel

Sunscreen is the must-have product in your everyday skincare routine. When this sunscreen is an aqua capsule, it is more than just a layer of protection. One of the best Korean beauty products for dark skin, this gel gives you noticeable results. The best part of the aqua capsule is that it can be applied under your daily makeup. It will protect the skin from sun damage, the harsh makeup products as well as will improve the skin tone and texture.

korean beauty products for dark skin

Karuna Exfoliating Face Mask

Exfoliation is vital and so are these Korean beauty products for dark skin. The lemon and pineapple extracts help in cell repair and treat dull skin. This sheet mask is best to retain moisture, ad hydration to your skin as well as to brighten up your face like a sunny day! Apply this sheet mask and it will also do the job of a gentle exfoliator. Remember! you are beautiful the way you are, you just need to do some pampering to your skin to make sure it loves you back.

korean beauty products for dark skin

Glow Recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask

Korean beauty products for dark skin include this sleeping mask as well. When Korean beauty secrets were revealed, sleeping masks became very popular. So a little research brought us to this watermelon glow sleeping mask which is oh-so-great. It does hydrate your skin from deep within and curbs any aging signs or dullness. Use it continuously for a month and see the skin lightening effects that it brings. Also not to forget the brightness it will add up!

korean beauty products for dark skin

Dr. G brightening peeling gel

If you are using the K-skincare, say goodbye to the harsh scrubs. Their gentle peeling gels are enough for giving your skin a new life. With rose extracts, licorice and many other beneficial ingredients the Dr. G brightening peeling gel is the best thing you can use today! it also shrink your pores and decreases the sebum production. please note that none of the products mentioned above stop the melanin production. These are just here to add shine, life, dewy glow and brightness to your skin. 


Go ahead, try the product that best suits and attracts you and start your brightening journey! Let us know which one of these products for dark skin you tried! Follow us on Instagram for more product reviews.

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