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Raising a girl child is a fortune that only a few gets. Apart from the sanskaars of “compromise” and “adjustment”, there are many other important things that parents should teach their daughters. Till date, we teach our daughters to be flexible in a way that she can change herself and her life as per her husband’s requirement. These sanskaars are put in them in various told and untold manners. But what we forget in all this is that there are other important things that are necessary to be taught! Have we not forgotten about all the real-life lessons in the process of molding our daughters to be likable? Why is the need? Why should you be teaching your daughter to not play on the front foot? Because from where I see it, they clearly deserve a lot better.


lessons to teach your daughters



Lessons parents should teach their daughters instead of just Sanskaars


It’s her own life

This is the most vital lesson that every girl should get. Teach your daughter that it’s her own life and she has to design it the way she wants. The decisions and life choices are going to be hers. Teach her that it’s not wrong to be a little more than ambitious and that her ambitions need not be driven by anyone else. Teach her to be comfortable in her own skin.



Why gender stereotypes are poisonous

This is one lesson that I think both male and females should get. Make your children understand that there’s no such thing as “girls love to cook” and “boys ride the bikes”. It totally depends on who wants to do what. There are so many examples around us. We have many renowned male chefs and forget bikes girls can fly the jets as well! If you as a parent feel weird if your son likes to make the food and your daughter plays football, it’s you who need the counseling first.


lessons for your daughter


How to dress

How what a girl wears has anything to do with anyone at first? Why would you tell your daughter to not go out late because some pervert would probably take it as an opportunity? If you can do anything in this regard, make her learn self-defense. Though it should by now be a part of academics only you do your part and make your daughter fearless.


Speak for herself

Indian kids especially girls are supposedly not allowed to answer back. At least this is not something that many will appreciate. But what if her self-respect is at stake? Teach your daughter to be assertive and have opinions. To talk back and put her point forward even if it means disrespecting any elder because being senior in age doesn’t give anyone the benefit of doubt.


She is capable

Why we all forget that women are capable of doing much more than men can ever do. Ask a working mother who does not have a house help to do her daily chores. Still, think men are more capable? Have a man bleed for 4 days every month tolerate the cramps and give birth to a child and then we take the discussion further!

The idea is not to say women are better than men, because that again would be another social evil to fight. The idea is to make people realize that a woman who they are disrespecting is actually much more powerful and capable than anyone. No woman wants to be treated like a goddess, just give them the rights of a human being.


girl education

Educate them

If you will educate your daughter, make her stand on her own feet, you would never have to worry about her future. The fear of how well her future family will treat her will never haunt you. Because she is accomplished in her own life she doesn’t anyone to support her.


Set them free

I have been raised in a family where I was set free to choose and to make way for myself. I was loved of course but was never overprotected. And I can’t thank my parents enough for that. It is because they let me be that I don’t look for support in anyone now. Even if you want, you can’t be there protecting your daughter all the time, so it’s better to let her learn on her own at a very early age.


Be a dignified woman

Mothers have a vital role to play in a girl’s upbringing. Some lessons can only be taught by mothers. She will learn a lot of untold lessons from you as she grows up to be a woman. Teach your daughter to be courteous, to respect and to command respect. Teach her to love her life and be imaginative for this will help her see big dreams. There’s no big effort required in this, just be so and she will eventually learn it from you without you having to say a word.

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