Lockdown Days with Vicky Kaushal Cleaning the Fans

So we all are sailing in the same boat in these lockdown days. We all are trying to find ways to make the best of this time. Moreover, this is probably the first time everyone is staying at home like responsible citizens and doing things that many of us have never really done before. During the lockdown days, all the celebrities are sharing how their time is passing by. [You may like to read: Hina Khan during Quarantine]

We have shared how Hina Khan is carrying on with her workout routine. Moreover, she is also doing the household chores and even honing her sketching skills. On the other hand, Katrina Kaif has also shared videos washing the dishes during the lockdown days. She wrote, “One day at a time guys. We all gotta do our part… m apparently @isakaif part is to give commentary and pro tips while seated 🪑 Gotta mix it up. This is seriously good exercise btw #stayhome #helpoutathome” Have a look at the video

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🍽 +🧽=🙂🏠 really makes u appreciate all the help we have at home #socialdistancing #staysafe #helpoutathome

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Everyone’s favorite Deepika Padukone is also sharing each day with her fans with one new thing that she is doing every day. The post that caught our attention was by Shilpa Shetty. The actress shared the silence of the city with birds chirping around while she meditates. She wrote, “Just to experience this SILENCE is a luxury in our city that’s bustling with noise, 24/7 (no honking sounds), isn’t it? Making the most of this peace and quiet, sitting in my favorite spot in the garden under the Star fruit tree seems surreal.

The clear skies, melodious chirping of the birds, the unhindered sound of the waves, the calming breeze, the clean and empty beach and roads… feels like a whole new world 🙈 Today, I’m grateful for this “SILENCE” that helps me connect with my inner self and the universe… The kind of Silence we all should enjoy.”

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Thought I’d interact with my fans today… 🙂 #quarantinelife

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So in the latest update, Vicky Kaushal shared a video of his lockdown days. He was seen cleaning the fans in his house. He also interacted with his fans in the video which Arjun Kapoor said was too personal! Was it? Watch and judge!

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