positive parenting to discipline your kids at home

Don’t teach your child how to do things, lead by an example and let them learn how… you will be surprised to see that they will do it exactly the way you wished. Always remember that one generation of positive parenting will change all the coming generations by setting a happy mindset. The concept of parenting revolves around creating a nurturing environment, appreciating the kids, communicating with them and concentrating more on making the bond.

Positive Parenting doesn’t tell the parent to never stop their child from anything or to tolerate the odd behavior of the child. This is an art of disciplining your child with patience and a smile. The concept of discipline is often misunderstood as strictness or yelling. Whereas, discipline, if induced through positive way, becomes the part of life. If you are also looking out for some Guidelines for positive parenting to Discipline your kids at home, here they are.


Positive Parenting discipline in kids

Positive Environment

For a child to grow up to be a happy and humble human, it takes a nice environment at home. This is the place where they do all their firsts. As the first rule of positive parenting, make sure they get good vibes from their surroundings. Keep your house clean, maintain neatness and never create chaos. Every household faces tiffs but it doesn’t have to reach your growing kid.

Pay Attention

If your child asks too many questions (all children does) pay attention to him. If he is coming to you for help or with some doubt, this means he is learning and is inquisitive. This is the time when you have to take charge. Explain the things to him your way (the right way) before he learns it from somewhere else. You need to pay attention to all the questions and help your child find an answer to them.

Add fun to Parenting

Bored kids tend to be rude, misbehaved or very isolated depending on the kids. Incorporate fun activities in your kid’s routine to ensure you meet all the guidelines of positive parenting. Make it a habit to play some outdoor game every day or go to the park in the evenings. The best parenting includes you giving some time to your kid. Of course, there are classes where they can go learn some sport or your house help can take them to the park. But where are you in all this? You are the parent hence the best only comes from you.


positive parenting discipline

Assertive Discipline

Discipline is all about habits. Your child is in the learning age when else would be the right time to teach them to be disciplined. It is some flaw or negligence in our own parenting style that’s probably noticed later. They know they can answer back because either you let them do it before or you do it in front of them. They create a mess all around the home because you must not have told them to keep things at their respective places. Does that mean you are far behind the positive parenting? Please don’t start to self-doubt. We all do that, thinking that they are too small to be taught all this. But if we want discipline to come naturally, start very early. Small things like keeping the shoes in the rack and all should also be appreciated so that your kids feel like doing it again.

Be non-punitive

In our traditional parenting style, we usually give some punishment to our child if he doesn’t listen. Punishment can be of any form, it can be you yelling at him, calling him names or just screaming at the top of your voice to stop your child. Please save yourself some energy as this is not going to work in a positive manner. I don’t know if my parenting style is good or not but I usually hug my child and explain (not lecture) her about the rights and wrongs.

In positive parenting as well, this is what is given stress on. You need to let your child calm down. Try your own ways because you obviously know your child and your parenting better. Choose a way that is best and is not punitive.

Use of words

You need to choose your words wisely. Even if you are angry, do not raise the tone of your voice. For example, if your child does not want to go to bed but it’s his school tomorrow morning. Most of the parenting ways that we adopt will have us shout or scare them that they better go off to sleep. But this is not the case with positive parenting. In this, you need to be a friend first. You can say, “yes I know you don’t feel like sleeping but what can we do we need to sleep as we have school tomorrow morning.”


The two words itself in this parenting style are self-explanatory. You just need to give a positive outlook to your parenting style. Convey your message to your child that it is ok to be mad but we don’t use words like “Shut up”.  We can disagree but can’t argue. Use these guidelines for positive parenting and raise happy, healthy and cheerful kids!


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