Privacy Policy

The Gossip Mongers respects the privacy of the users of the Services and is committed to reasonably protect it in all respects. The information about the user as collected by the Company is: (a) Information supplied by users and (b) Automatically tracked information.

  1. Information supplied by the user: To access certain parts of the services, the user may have to provide the personal information like name, email id and interests. This information is gathered and used by the company solely for the purpose of improving the user experience. The contact information provided by the user may also be used for sending marketing or commercial information. In case the user wants to opt out, he/she can send an email for stop receiving any updates.
  2. Automatically tracked information: The Company may use cookies to collect information understanding a user’s individual interests, their usage of the company website their website access preferences. This helps the company to provide a customized experience to its users.

Please note:  As we expand our services, the policy may change as well. The company will keep you updated of any such change.