Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan for Winter

Hola beautiful ladies! Hope you all are enjoying the cozy winters and eating all the delicacies of the season! But remember, you do have to maintain a healthy weight in order to be in the pinks of your health. So, here we are with the quick weight loss diet plan for winters that will help you keep your weight in check as you enjoy your favorite foods.

As you all know, in all of my diet plans that I have shared before, I never appreciate starving. We will eat right to stay fit. Also, know that I am not a dietician or a doctor so whatever plans I am sharing with you are based on my own personal experiences. I am a 29-year-old woman with no health issues and no allergies or whatsoever. If you are coping with issues like thyroid or PCOS, please do consult with your doctor before you follow the diet plan for weight loss! 

We will discuss the things that you must do and the things you must not in order to avoid gaining extra weight. I will also share the right time to eat! So stick with me girl I am gonna fill you up with so much knowledge. 

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Winters are my favorite time because it brings along oranges! If you are following me on Instagram you know I am a huge fan of Vitamin C for the skin. What better when you get it through the food that you eat! Make sure to buy fresh oranges, the ones that are juicier, and make them a part of your daily routine. Also, I always prefer eating fruit rather than squeezing the juice out of it because of all the roughage! The fiber in the fruit skin is good for digestion.

Other options that are a plus in your quick weight loss diet plan are Guavas and berries. Although you get berries all year round the ones that harvest in winters are rich in nutrients. Berries can also help subside your sweet cravings. Moreover, you can have dates or jaggery in winters to satisfy your sugar rush! 


Can the plate get any greener?! There are so many greens that you get in winters that the list is endless. So what are we going to do? We are going to add them all into our diet. I will be sharing the meal prep later where you can check how and when you can add what! Other than this, to ensure good health, pls make sure to grab fresh vegetables and this one goes for the fruits as well. Fresh seasonal vegetables are low in calories and rich in nutrients hence ensuring a healthy body and flawless skin.

Winter veggies, especially spinach and fresh carrots are rich in antioxidants that will keep your immune system strong and will also aid in better digestion. 

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Time for Proteins

While many people complain that their body doesn’t adapt to a high protein diet in summers, such is not the case in the winter season. In winters as your appetite considerably increases, you are more likely to binge on junks. A protein-rich diet will help to keep you full for a longer period of time and will also prepare your body for the chilly winter. Opt for eggs, meat, and dairy products in the right quantity. However, if you are vegan, you can always have pulses, soybean, and chickpeas. Make yummy salads and have yourself a lovely treat! 

Little Tweaks

You know diets can also be fun! I never understood the fuss about eating less. You just need to maintain a healthy weight (which our quick weight loss diet plan is helping you with) and that can be achieved with minor tweaks. [You may like to read: How to Increase metabolism rate] All you need to do is 

  • Swap your sugary processed desserts with fresh fruits like apples or a date.
  • Make sure you have at least one cup of herbal tea (not necessarily green tea). 
  • Start with adding less sugar to your tea or coffee and eventually reduce it to zero
  • Can’t go out in winters? Plan an indoor activity. Clean your house or do Zumba. 

You need to stop making excuses as you are no one but are going to benefit from all this. Moving on, the part you are probably reading all this for! Quick weight loss diet plan with proper time to eat and what to eat options. You can change your options depending on the availability. 

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The first thing in the morning is to sip a glass of water. Or let’s just say you need to drink as much water as you can! Don’t overdo it as well. Then comes breakfast! Make it as exciting as you can, it is the first meal of the day, and trust me your whole day will depend on this.

Time to eat: Anytime between 7 AM to 10 AM
What to eat: Egg scramble with spinach or Oats pudding with berries


It’s winter and you obviously want to eat something around 12ish. You need to be wise and not eat whatever you find in your kitchen. In this quick weight loss diet plan I personally prefer sipping a herbal tea and avoid eating at this time but still if you have to, here’s the option.

Time to eat: no later than 12:30 PM
What to eat: a handful of mixed nuts (avoid cashews)
Tip: A bowl of green soup is a highly beneficial meal at this time as it builds your appetite for lunch. 


Wholesome! This is exactly the word you need to follow while you plan your lunch meal. It should be full of variety and nutrient-rich. You need to add protein, carbs, and other essential nutrients to this meal.

Time to eat: 1:30 PM to 3 PM
What to eat: Stir fry vegetables with brown rice or Veggie hummus sandwich.
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Evening Snack

Ok, so this is the time where most of the diets fail. You are far behind the dinner time yet hungry! There are plenty of snacks that you can eat at this time Keep in mind that you never have to overeat! Eat smaller portions.

Time to eat: 4 PM to 5:30 PM
What to eat: Carrot and hummus or Fruit bowl or Cheese Sandwich.


Lighter the better… Keep your dinner light, simple, and extremely basic. Your body detoxifies while you sleep and this is the time you need to allow it to digest properly. Also, you are going to bed soon so there’s not much time to digest heavy meals.

Time to Eat: 7 PM to 9 PM
What to Eat: Soups! Experiment with green soups, vegetable soups, and tomato soup. They are more like healing meals that boost digestion and help be in desired weight.

Apart from the meals I suggested, there’s more in the quick weight loss diet plan. Sharing a few pointers for better help. 

  • Eat small portions, exactly half of how hungry you feel you are.
  • Do not eat in between the prescribed meals. Those are not hunger pangs, those are just cravings.
  • Eat fresh and natural products only.
  • Do not eat processed food. No junk at all! 
  • Sleep at least 7 hours a day.


At last, there is no benefit of any quick weight loss diet plan if you are not mentally well. Have happy thoughts, meditate, and stay calm. We will discuss mental health in the next chunk of my blog. Till then, eat right and stay fit!