Real Relationship Goals 

These days life is so social media driven that we draw our inspiration from there. People believe what they see and they set that as a goal for them also. If you see a couple doing PDA on social media, you consider that as real relationship goals. The way other couples dress, present themselves on social media by default becomes the real relationship goals.

We strongly emphasize that no two people are the same, thus no two relationships can be the same as well. So many untold advice, influences, and articles are there on the internet that set an unintentional standard for other couples. The hashtag world is so widespread these days that everything that our famous celebrity couples do is automatically a #relationshipgoals.


But how can the relationship goals be the same? What you want from life and your relationship can never be always same as to what other people want. Moreover, Social media is only for the ups in life. No one will post the sad part of their story with a hashtag! But does that mean there’s only all good over there?


The real relationship goals are different from the relationship goals that social media shows us all. What are the real relationship goals that every couple must focus on… let’s discuss


Real Relationship Goals


Relationship goals are a bit overrated in the present day scenario. We talk big about the importance and significance of relationships but when it comes to reality, we don’t really consider the real relationship goals of setting it as a priority. The goal is to know that nothing and no one is more important than your relationship



Wherever you go, whatever you do… you should feel secure and that is a real relationship goal. Security comes with honesty. Be truthful to your partner and share your thoughts and opinions and your deeds keeping nothing hidden. If there is one foundation and one best of all the real relationship goals, it has to be honesty.


Connect More Within

Before you go advertise your bond to the world, choose to celebrate your relation within you two. When the two of you are happy, the world will know and you will create something special that is the real relationship goals for the other couples.


Respect and Kindness

Keeping human nature alive, you need to be filled with kindness even in your relationship. Be considerate of each other’s feelings, give respect to opinions and keep each other equal. The intoxicating fuel of infatuation is not going to power your relationship forever. However, the feeling of respect and connect will.


Create a Couple Bubble

The idea is to see the two of you as a team and not as a single individual. Of course, the goals of two people can be different but two people can work together to fulfill those goals for each other. The interdependence should empower you rather than weakening you. Real relationship goals are not the third world dreams but to dream about a world together.


To summarize, do not fall prey to the shallow world of social media. Be happy seeing the other person happy but what makes them happy is not what is going to make you happy as well! Set your own real relationship goals and decorate your own world!

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