Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh Rajput made their relationship official

Earlier there were rumors about Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh Rajput dating each other! However, before people could speculate much, both the stars have made it clear that they are dating! In the B-town there are so many love stories that start and end every day… while some keep their relationships away from the media glare, some openly accept them.

One such couple whose chemistry became evident was Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh Rajput. From lunch dates to gym sessions, the gossipmongers started talking when the two were evidently much in love! What added to the fuel was when MS Dhoni star, Sushant posted his Instagram story, mentioning Rhea Chakraborty as “Meri Jalebi”.

Recently, in an interview, Rhea also opened up about her relationship. She said, “We’ve been very good friends for many years. I am right now fond of working towards our shared goals like opening an NGO and traveling. If there is anything else between us or not, this isn’t something I would want to disclose as yet.” Speaking of their NGO, Rhea said, “I am starting an NGO with Sushant and my brother to provide education to the needy children.” She further added, “there are certain powers that we actors have and I want to put those powers into some good use. I am also opening up a gym along with a friend.”

As per the sources, Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh Rajput have also started living together. The actor has left his home and has shifted to Rhea’s house which is in Bandra. A source close to the couple also talked about their wedding. “Both Rhea and Sushant are close friends and enjoy each other’s company. However, marriage is not in the cards as yet. They both are extremely busy with their careers and there’s obviously enough time to decide anything on marriage. Right now it isn’t even a though playing on their minds.”


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