Right Skincare routine order: From start to end

So you have started taking skincare seriously. But have you started taking care of the right skincare routine order? Do you know cleanser is not the first step? Well, a lot of research and trials have been carried out to bring this skincare routine order to you. Right kind of products, at the right time in correct order is inevitable to get flawless, shiny and healthy skin. So read on to know the stepwise process to apply all your essential everyday skincare products.

skincare routine order

Makeup remover

So we are incorporating the night as well as a day skincare routine. This step is the first one in the night skincare routine. You can get a good makeup remover or just use some coconut oil or a good moisturizer. Take a small quantity on a cotton ball and remover every bit of the makeup on your face.

Next steps go for both day and night


Your cleanser is one thing that you have to buy very carefully. Based on your skin type and areas of concern, choose the right cleanser. Foam based cleansers are something that I personally swear by. Wash your face thoroughly with a good cleanser


Toners are supposed to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Make sure you never skip this step and don’t ever overdo it. Choose a good toner or just use some rose water. Trust me, it works really well. Apply the toner on your face and let it settle and get absorbed by your skin for good 5 minutes.

skincare routine order

Hydrating Serum

The next one in the skincare routine order is to use a serum. Buy an antioxidant serum that protects the skin against any damage caused by the environmental conditions or stress. It will give firmness to your skin and will leave it glowing like a pearl.

Eye Cream

This step in the regular skincare routine order is highly ignored by all of us! However, this is also the one which seems to be most essential as you age. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and tends to get the early signs of aging. Also the dark circles in another big issue! To avoid all of this it is important to include a good eye cream in your skincare regime apply it after your serum.

skincare routine order


Enough has been said already about how important sunscreen is! Also, you cannot avoid applying sunscreen every day irrespective of whether you are going out or not. Get a minimum of 50 SPF sunscreen and protect your skin from the sun.

Moisturizer/ Night Cream

To soothe and soften the skin, give it some moisturization. People with dry skin should get a highly creamy cream while people with oily or combination skin, use a water-based one. This is the last step to your skincare routine order. Massage it so well that it gets completely absorbed.

Follow all these steps religiously and never skip or jump any of the steps. For more skincare blogs, click here. For some product reviews, follow us on Instagram.

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