The fairy tales that we read in our childhood do make us believe that there is one Mr. Perfect for us! As we grow, we tend to look for or wait for the prince charming who probably perfectly fits in with our perfect stories. But back to reality girls! Finding a perfect man is no easy task. But why are you graying your hair thinking about it?? We are here for you! We tell you the Signs that tell you “If he is the One!”


He respects you

Not just you actually… but your thoughts.. your dreams and your opinions on the whole. He doesn’t need to agree with you on everything but should have the due respect for your thoughts and shouldn’t impose his own on you.


He sets you free

Remember you are no slave to be caged! If he sets you free, lets you be and at the same time trusts you with your freedom… He definitely is the one!


Comfort level

How do you feel when he is around you? Are you conscious of what you say and how you look or you are just who you are and it doesn’t change a thing! Keep in mind, there’s a life you are planning to spend together and it really can’t be spent being conscious.


Gala time together

No matter how long it been if he still makes you laugh, knows exactly how to cheer you up and you guys have a gala time together, he absolutely is the one to stick to!

He knows your likes and dislikes

Not saying that he needs to know all of them but yes at least a few important ones. Like what do you generally order when you go out to eat, which is your favorite fragrance, what flowers you like. Because if he doesn’t, how he is going to deal with the mood swings!


He is the first person you call

Laughing out loud or bawling like a baby, he is the first person you think of reaching to! And yes if he listens to you with patience and makes himself available, girl you got the one…


No secrets

You both know the deepest darkest secrets of each other… (Come on! We all have some). No secrets, no lies, and more love!


If he is everything that we just mentioned, your hunt is over beautiful… you have found the ONE! Stay loved <3