5 Signs that your relationship will last forever


I am a strong believer of no two people are the same hence no two relationships are ever the same. So the relationship advice that worked for me, might or might not work for you. But some things are very basic for every relationship and it is these basic things that make up for a foundation that’s too strong and lasts forever.



If I tell you to take a flashback of the past 6 months of your relationship, what do you see? If mere thinking about it brings a smile on your face, nothing like it! But if you feel anything less than happy, you probably are on a wrong journey. Before I proceed any further, we are not here to blame anyone or to spread negativity; we are here to just give you a clear picture of how things are going.


Read on with an open mind, 5 Signs that your relationship will last forever


First one to Call

No, we are not asking who calls whom first… If something great happens like you win a lottery or something, who would you call first? Also, when you fail an exam or have an argument with your boss, who is that first person you feel an urge to talk to? If this person is your partner, you really have found your personal cheer buddy!


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Are there any inhibitions? Do you avoid meeting your partner if your legs are not shaved? Ok, lets put it another way, do you like really need to dress up look good every time you meet each other? Even if you don’t feel like? If yes, the comfort score is zero for now. For a relationship to be deep-rooted, the “ill just be in my Pajamas” have to come in effect and has to embrace! Keep all the dressing up your best things for your first date.



Now, this is really a real thing. How many times Does It happen that you and your partner communicate with each other without uttering a single word? In a hall full of people, can you send your message across by not letting a word out of your mouth? If you just gave a big node, a big hug to you… you are a strong bond!


No explanations

There should never be a need to explain. Why you did a certain thing, why you went somewhere and a lot of it. You don’t need to answer all the whys… If the other person knows you well, it shouldn’t take much to understand what is going in your mind. Nobody is a mind reader, agree! But it doesn’t take a mind reader to understand that there must be some reason for you to acting a certain way.


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We fight it and we fix it

Goodbye ego you are not required in our happily ever after! Every couple fights and you know what, fights are actually good. Good till the time they end up with a true love’s kiss! Fight, argue and be the mad ass that you are but be loved for all of that.


For all those who found their roots are deeply rooted, we will be waiting for your wedding! And for those who are in doubt, we are here to hear you …

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