Skincare products that changed my skin for good

“Skincare” the word is as deep and vast as the oceans. Choosing the right product for yourself to adopting a new skincare routine, everything seems like a big risk. So I did gather the courage to take some risks and try some new products after a lot (a lot!) of research. [By the way, did you read this: 5 makeup tips every girl must know.]

Here’s the list of skincare products that changed my skin for good. If you are a girl/ woman with sensitive and combination skin, you definitely need these in your life! Before I start, as I always mention, every skin is different. What worked for me, might not work for you. However, you can give these a try and am sure 98% of the woman with combination skin will find these useful. Before you get bored, let discuss the skincare products.

skincare products

Its Skin aloe relaxing Serum

Justifies its name completely as it’s very soothing and relaxing. Helps give an instant fresh feel along with the right amount of moisture to the skin. Aloe Vera extract helps give a calming effect and helps eliminate dullness. It also evens the skin tone and improves elasticity. If I have to put it in simple words, after applying this serum I never look for any other cream or lotion.
skincare productsVC Cleansing Foam

Oily T-Zone? Not anymore! I have been struggling to find one facial cleanser that doesn’t dry out my face but fights with my oily t-zone as well. (combination skin issues uggghh!) VC cleansing foam again by “Its Skin” solved the purpose for me. Vitamin C and Camellia leaf extract help brighten the skin visibly. Provides a visibly bright and fresh look to the dull, dehydrated skin. You will ACTUALLY see your skin just lighting up after using it for a few days.

NOTE: I got its skin products from the beauty talk India. They always have offers going on so you can try your hands on them!

skincare products

Himalaya Neem Face Pack

Another one I always swear by! Have been using this since forever… I did found many other face masks that suited my skin type but somehow the neem pack by Himalaya always been a constant. The fact that it acts as an exfoliator as we wash it off works big time for me. However, if I still have to give take another option, it would be the beet and hibiscus face scrub/ mask by “The Basic Organics”. Both these masks brighten the skin, exfoliate well, remove the dirt and give a visible glow.

Patanjali Aloe Vera

Ok, so I know many of you wouldn’t agree with me on this! However the truth be told, the aloe vera gel by Patanjali has always been in my skincare routine. It dealt with my acne as well as the acne scare so well that I never even thought about replacing it with anything else.
How I use it: I apply the gel after cleansing my face with a facial cleanser. Keep it for about an hour and wash off. Followed by a good gel moisturizer. This has been keeping my acne away for ages now!

skincare productsNight Serum by Kama Ayurveda

From the wide range of skincare products related to night skincare, I choose and stand by this night serum. It is true that your skin repairs itself at night while you sleep. So you better feed it with good products to help do the repair work better! If you are in your late twenties, it’s the perfect time to start using this product. It helps slow down the aging process, removes fine lines, and helps fight pigmentation as well.

Hope this list of skincare products that changed my skincare game proves beneficial to you as well! It’s simple, easily available, no fuss, and 100% honest. For more such blogs, click here. For product reviews, follow me on Instagram!

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