Happy relationships don’t just happen, they need time, patience, efforts and two people who truly love each other. Healthy, fulfilling relationships are hard to find but those have that robust love to fight for. Every relation has fights, arguments and lot more to deal with but the ones that survive through this all are the best ones.

Talking about the best relationships, let’s check out a few things that one should never do in a relationship.

  1. Comparisons: Remember there is no competition going on and never let your partner feel this way either. Even if you have been in love before or like a particular habit in a certain person, never use these things to compare your partner with them. Its fact that no two people are similar and hence no two relationships can be either.


  1. Holding Grudges: Doing something mean to your partner just because he/she did something similar in the past is a disgusting act. You don’t need to even the score out for satisfying your ego. Keeping something in your heart and using it as a tool for the future fights is harmful for the growth of the relationship. For your relationship to evolve, you need to let go your past fights.



  1. Never stop loving yourself: Only if you love yourself you will be able to love others. Just because you love your partner doesn’t mean you will have to eat the same food, listen to the same music and like the same colors as they do. Keep your own likes and dislikes. You just have to encourage and enjoy the dissimilarities and not try to change each other.


  1. Cheating: If you are going to cheat, never be in a relationship AT ALL! It’s better to not disturb someone with the heartache if you don’t intend to keep things real.



  1. Boss around: To care and to be bossy are two different things. Directing your partners on what to wear, who to meet, where to go, whom to talk to and all is bossing them around. They are not your slaves! You cannot control your significant other for a longer period of time like this. Once they feel suffocated, they are gonna go far far away.


Keep the charm and passion in your relationship. Respect each other and enjoy every moment you are together. Grow and help each other grow as well both as a person and a partner.
Spread LOVE! 🙂