Travel after COVID unlock: Rajasthan Trip with Lemon Tree Hotels


The times have been tough, but it’s easing out a little now. We all need to be super cautious, take all the precautions, and yet bring our lives back to normal. I am not a wanderer and I don’t call myself a traveler as well. However, I do like to travel to a new destination every few days. This time when all the restrictions were lifted, I decided to travel to historic Rajasthan. [You may also like to read: Destinations for solo travelers]

The heritage, that royal charm, and food! It was one of the best trips I have ever been on. Also because after so many months I finally got the chance to go out and breathe! Did I mention that it was a road trip?! That’s the beauty of it… I love long drives, through the random roads that you have never been on before. Keep moving as you see the sunsets and the sunrises. How can I not mention the Dhaba breaks! Those just love… more than the destination; I have always been a fan of the journey. 

However, we do have to keep in mind that COVID is still very much here. We are all unlocked because we had to but just keep in mind that there’s still no vaccine and no way out of this. However, that shouldn’t stop you from going out. Take precautions that’s the key! I will help you out with my experiences and even my mistakes so that when you plan your next travel, you are all safe and ready!


Where else you think we should start. So my journey was of almost 9 hours and needless to say I had to use the loo in between. So the first thing that you need to keep in your bag is the toilet seat sanitizer. As it’s the travel after COVID unlock, keep the intimate wipes, some paper soaps, and the dry tissues as well with you. So in case, you need to use the loo while traveling, use all of this. DO NOT even use the soap or the handwash kept in those toilets.

Food and Water

We do have to avoid outside food while on the go. See you are obviously going to eat out on your trip however, avoid during the journey. Pack some food from home. There is one beautiful reason to it as well, you can just sit anywhere seeing the view, and do a little picnic thing! Pack some Chai, some snacks and you are going to enjoy for sure.

travel after covid unlock

Sanitizer and Mask

I think this is not even something that I should mention but still. Don’t get carried away as you travel after COVID unlock. Keep your mask on all the time! I mean it while exploring the places, sightseeing, and everything, keep your mask on. Also always keep a sanitizer handy. Keep sanitizing your hands every now and then. Especially in the tourist places where people from different areas must be visiting you do need to take care of the sanitizing part.



Although every hotel or guest house is super cautious these days and they are doing their best to keep you safe but you need to still be careful. Even you feel like there are not enough safety measures being taken, speak up! Request the hotel staff to adhere to the safety norms. Here I suggest you book a place after checking these things only.

In my travel after COVID unlock, I stayed at Lemon Tree Premier Jaipur and kudos to the staff, I was very impressed with their hospitality. All safety precautions were being taken, proper sanitization, and everything. I would recommend the lemon tree to everyone.

So, finally, I would say, don’t fear just pack your bags and go out! But be careful. For more travel blogs, click here. Also, follow me on Instagram.

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