Travelling during periods? Make sure you carry your menstrual bag along

Admit it, we all like to travel! If you are like me, your travel plans are very spontaneous with zero planning and schedule. Moreover, sometimes we also have such situations that we have to plan everything at the minute. In such circumstances, the hardest part a woman can face is “travelling during periods”. Without a doubt, it’s going to get difficult to manage “that time of the month” while you are travelling. It has happened to me a lot! Hence, I found many hacks on how to survive if you are travelling during periods.

Under this article, we will cover:

  • How to pack your menstrual bag
  • Some amazing menstrual products
  • How to deal with cramps while travelling
  • What to do when you can’t find a clean washroom

I am so sure you all want to know all of this, so let’s just move straight to the topic. Travelling during periods, a little difficult, but manageable.

Menstrual Bag

Gear up! You need some stuff here. First thing first, you obviously need sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cup whatever you are comfortable with. Pack your stock as you are never sure if you can buy them on your way also why do you want to risk! Just pack huge stock so that you are safe. If you are travelling during periods, prefer using a menstrual cup. The reason for using a menstrual cup is that you don’t need to change it as often as a pad or a tampon.

Another thing in your menstrual bag is a clean towel and paper soaps. If you are lucky enough to find a nice washroom, you will probably get these there but what if you don’t! Keep your own things ready to face any situation if you are travelling during periods.

Next thing that you need to pack is tissues! Both dry and wet tissues need to be packed. For wet tissues, I have the best option for your guys. Use the Oraah intimate wipes, as these are chemical-free, alcohol-free, foam-free and are extremely safe to use! You can buy the wipes from their website

Disposal Bags

It is important to dispose of your pads or whatever you are using in a proper way. Carry some garbage bags or piece of newspaper or tissues if you don’t have anything handy. Wrap properly and dispose of in a nice hygienic manner as well.travelling during periodsTo relieve the Cramps

I always use hot water bags (both traditional and electric) to relieve the cramps. You can carry some hot water in the temperature resistant bottles and keep replacing. Moreover, you can also use this water to sip as that helps relieve cramps as well. Here I have another great option for you guys. Oraah cramp relief roll on. Keep this roll-on handy and trust me you will be at ease.

Pack these Foods

Don’t you want to eat some chocolate or some chewy candy while on your periods? Well, then pack! Take whatever you can in your bag that you can possibly crave for while travelling during periods. Also, make sure you eat healthy and clean foods so that you don’t have to deal with acidity or severe cramps.


Keeping all these points in mind, take your menstrual bag along and you do not have to worry about a thing! Happy travel! For more interesting blogs, click here. Also, follow me on Instagram.

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