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A lot of research has been going on by the child psychologists to understand how parenting affects child development. So far, in the research, parenting style has been classified depending on various factors. To put it in simple words, you might have noticed, some parents are very friendly with their kids while some are dominating. Some parents choose the calmer way to lecture their kids while some yell at them. All these ways are nothing but parenting styles. Moreover, it’s these parenting styles that decide how well your child will grow.

The commonly used structure of parenting styles that many psychologists use these days is based on the theory of Diana Baumrind. Baumrind did her research on the preschoolers. In the meantime, she learned that different kids exhibit different majorly 4 different kinds of behaviors. Also, these 4 behaviors are governed by different kinds of parenting styles. To summarize, all the theories indicated that there are 4 different parenting styles which are namely: Authoritative, Neglectful, Permissive and Authoritarian.  


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4 Different kinds of parenting styles

This is one of the best parenting styles which is considered most effective for normal kids. The authoritative parents know how to create a balance. They do have high demands of achievement and maturity from their kids but they also understand to encourage independence. Children who are raised through this out of the 4 parenting styles have the following traits:

  • Happy and Content
  • Good in academics
  • More independent
  • Less violent and have better mental health.



Authoritarian parents are similar to authoritative parents in having high demands but on the contrary, do not support their child’s behavior. These parents only demand their kids to obey whatever they say. It more like, “you should do this because I want you to” kind of attitude. The traits of children raised through this out of the 4 parenting styles are:

  • Less independent
  • Have low self-esteem
  • More behavioral problems
  • Poor social skills


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Out of all the parenting styles, this is where parents very indulgent. These parents are not interested in enforcing any rules and never say no to their children. They support their children a lot but do not drive them towards something productive. Children brought up under this out of the 4 parenting styles have the following traits:

  • No self-control
  • Never follow rules
  • Possess high ego
  • No big goals



This is the most harmful styles of parenting. These are the most uninvolved parents with very low responsiveness and very little involvement with their kids. Under these parenting styles, the parents to fulfill the basic needs of their kids but are least bothered about what they do in life. They make sure their children eat properly and have a shelter but do not really give importance to their behaviors. Out of the 4 parenting styles, children of neglectful parenting have the following traits:

  • have mental issues
  • very impulsive
  • addiction problems


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