Ultimate Beauty Hacks for Pimples


Pimples are the most distressing part of a girl’s life. Sometimes they are even painful and induce irritability. If you have pimples you might have faced the challenge of hiding them before going for a big event. In an attempt to hide the pimples with makeup, you can end up using the products that clog pores and thus worsen the condition of pimples.


The good news, there are plenty of beauty hacks for pimples that are risk-free. These safe to use Beauty Hacks for Pimples are a blessing for sure. These are also the self-help treatments which start from switching to a healthy diet to eventually changing your lifestyle. Now that’s about the permanent solution, but these little fellows (not really friends) can sometime just appear a few hours to an important event… Don’t you worry my friend… we got your back!


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Beauty Hacks for Pimples


Hand Hygiene

Think about it, how many times you touch your face with your hands? Now if there’s dirt on your hands, it’s going to go directly on your face. No matter how much hard you try, you tend to touch your face with your hands. So it thus becomes important to keep your hands clean. Wash them after you eat something after you come home from somewhere outside. Keep them clean and moisturized.


Hot n Cold Compress

Grab an ice cube and some warm water with a towel. Apply the ice cube over your pimple for 10 seconds and then place the hot water dipped towel on it for the next 10 seconds. Keep repeating this for 10-10 seconds till the ice cube melts. This will bring your pimple to a head and thus making it’s going away process quick.




It happens so many times that a big pimple pops out a night before your big event. But now you know this hack, so you need not worry! Take an aspirin and pour a few drops of water on it. The semi-liquid form that you will get, apply it like a dot covering your big pimple. In no time you will notice the pimple turning into a very small zit which you can hide with makeup easily.


apirin for pimple


Banana Peels

If you have a good 5 days before you want your pimple to go away, banana peels are the best thing. Cut a  small piece and rub the inside of the peel onto the affected area. Once the peel is entirely brown, throw it away. Let the banana dry on the affected area and then wash with lukewarm water.


Liquid Bandage

This is not a recommended way to get rid of pimples but is definitely the best go-to thing in case of an emergency. It will help bind the skin together and will allow the concealer to adhere to the area.



This one is no hack. You all know what wonders can be done with good quality makeup products. Apply the first layer as mattifying serum, and then put some foundation on. Now comes the concealer part, chose a high coverage concealer and dab it on the pimple to hide it completely. Top it up with some powder and it will be nowhere to be seen.


Pro-Tip: Never sleep with your make up on! Before you hit the sack, clean every possible bit of makeup from your face and moisturize your skin.

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