Weight loss diet in winters

Winters are finally here! Let’s pledge together that we are going to work on that summer body right from today! In this season we all tend to eat a little more than usual. Blame it on the cozy blankets and craving for all the warm, fried food. But did you know that you can eat all the good food and still lose weight in winter? With our super-amazing weight loss diet in winters, you are sure to get your desired body!

Check out the weight loss diet in winters

Breakfast Options for weight loss diet in winters

Get hold of all the fresh fruits that this season has for you! Some of the yummiest breakfast options are listed below.

  • Blueberries with yogurt and honey.
  • Banana Toast with Peanut Butter
  • Scrambled eggs with toasted bread

PS: if you are used to having your morning cup of tea/coffee, go ahead and enjoy it but “without sugar”.

Weight loss diet in winters

Lunch Options for weight loss diet in winters

Lunch is the most crucial time in winters. Not only your hunger is at a peak at this time but you also feel a little sleepy. To deal with all of this, opt for any of these options.

  • Black Bean Quinoa with Hummus
  • 1 Slice of whole wheat bread with mashed avocado and white beans
  • A bowl full of vegetable soup

There are so many snacking options for winters and they are all so yummy! However, you don’t get to be happy much as those are not included in your weight loss diet in winters. Wanna know what you can munch on?

  • A handful of Dry Fruits
  • Seeds like roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Dates (2 would be enough)
  • Peanuts/peanut salad
  • Oranges (rich in vitamin c and seasonal!)

Weight loss diet in winters

Dinner options 

Dinner has to be extremely simple, light and minimal. However, you definitely don’t have to skip it altogether. The options are:

  • Chickpea salad with chicken curry
  • Dal Rice (brown rice)
  • Papaya bowl
  • Corn Potato Soup

Other than these meal ideas, these are the few things that we need to take care of.

  • Never stop drinking water. If you wish you can have lukewarm water but 7 glasses are mandatory.
  • No matter how cold it gets, move out. If nothing else, just go for 30 mins of a brisk walk.
  • If you want something sweet, jaggery is the best option in winters.
  • You can always binge on seasonal fruits like guava and oranges.

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