When Life gives you Lemons

No! I won’t say make lemonade or anything. We all get to experience the sweet, sour, and bitter flavors of life. While sometimes we feel blessed, there are days when we feel drained like it’s the end of the world. Thanks to the year 2020, due to the pandemic, life gave us all a lot of lemons of lately. If you are also a little low, depressed, or sad, or just irritated with your situation, let me help you what to do when life gives you lemons.


You cannot run away or give a reflex to your life issues. So, pause for a bit. Take a moment to absorb what you have been put in. understand the situation and analyze the scenario. Have your cup of tea/coffee or a drink if you want! Once you know what exactly the situation is, it will be easier to find out the solution.

when life gives you lemons

Think How not Why

Stop cribbing and asking why me! You are already in it there’s no point asking why! Look for the options on how to solve or come out of it. Another thing here is to not choose any short cuts or wrong ways to solve an issue. You obviously don’t want to come out of one only to be caught into another. Always remember, there is a solution to every problem in the world.


Do not keep it to yourself. Sometimes all you need is a hearty talk with someone you love. Do not keep it to yourself. Call your friends, family, or anybody you feel close to, and just speak your heart out. However, do not expect any solution as it’s not always the case that someone has a solution to your issues. But sharing with someone will lighten the burden from you.

There is not even one person on this planet who doesn’t face issues in life. When life gives you lemons, know that it’s not just you, every person you see around you have issues in life. Life gives lemons to everyone. It’s on us how we take it. It’s all mind over the matter so just keep your spirits high, be confident, and never let problems win over you!

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