Winter Skincare Routine: Give that extra layer of care

As much as I love the cozy winters, I hate the harm it does to my skin! That’s why I am here to share my winter skincare routine with you guys. My otherwise combination skin turns extremely dry suddenly and I start putting the layers of moisturizer to avoid it from flaking. Now you know my struggle (*Sob *Sob) and I really want to know how many of you can relate with me?! Well, girls, you know what I always do and this time is no different. I am here with the tried and tested tips and products to save your ass this winter!

By the end of this blog, you will thank me for introducing you to some very reasonably priced winter skincare products. Also, for the best winter skin care routine that will help you like nothing else ever have! I mean it… Shall we start? I heard ya!!!

Winter Skincare RoutineNo Hot Bath

I know it’s too cold to be bathing with cold water, let’s just stick to lukewarm water. A hot water bath dries up your skin drastically and dehydrates it. If you wash your face with warm water, you will need tones to moisturizer and that eventually will give you breakouts or dull skin. Winter eczema is something you get if you take a hot bath or shower. So guys, lukewarm it is that too if you just can’t afford to use cold or normal room temperature water.

Choose your Products Wisely

Whether you use a shower gel or soap, make sure you have a different one for winters. In your winter skincare routine, the shower gel or your soap has to be the moisturizing one. Choose one with glycerin, coconut oil, or almond oil. Some oil base is what you need to make sure it doesn’t dry out your skin and retain some moisture. My personal favorites have always been: Dove if you are looking for an economical option. Bath and body works if you can spend a little more. [Read This: Skincare Products that Changed my Skin for Good]

Winter Skincare Routine

Lotion Potion

I personally love this part about winter. In my winter skincare routine, lotions play a major part. Coming to the body lotions, I choose the ones that smell amazing, stay for long, and make my skin soft and supple. You also need to take care of a few things while buying a lotion, read the ingredients is the trick. Also, consider how harsh the winter is in your area. My favorite ingredient in body lotions is shea butter.

Face Serum


 So in my winter skincare routine, the bedtime or the nighttime routine is very important. Choose good face serum and massage your face and hands thoroughly for 5-10 minutes. Let it stay and work as a night serum. It will ensure your skin is well nourished by the next morning. When you will wash your face I guarantee you will not see any sign of dryness or flaky skin at all. The face oil that I am using these days is Daughter Earth Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum. I absolutely adore this product and it has done wonders for my skin. Not only the nourishment, but it also cleared the dark spots and gave visibly clear skin.

Winter Skincare Routine

Protect Your Skin

If you live in areas where winters are very harsh, you need to be super careful. Cover your body as much as you can. Wear gloves, scarves, mufflers, caps, and try to create a barrier between your skin and the chilly wind that’s blowing around. However, for areas where enjoying the afternoon sun becomes a ritual in winter, remember, sunscreen is your best friend. Apply a layer always when you step out because even the winter sun tans the skin. This definitely comes under the winter skincare routine to not let the weather reach your skin.

Simple Tricks to follow in your winter skincare routine

  • Use mustard oil and massage your naval with just one drop of it. It will help keep your lips soft. [You may also like to read: Make your own Lip Balm]
  • Use fresh cream to massage your face before you wash your face at night. It will help retain the moisture in your skin and also have skin brightening properties.
  • Consume Desi Ghee, at least 2 tablespoons in your day. Ghee help keep your skin and hair better.
  • Drink enough water. There is a scenario that in winters we drink comparatively less amount of water. This is one of the major reasons why our skin cracks or dries up. Make sure you are drinking at least 3-4 liters of water.

desi ghee in winters

Stick to one winter skincare routine and follow it everyday! Like I always say, “Love your skin and it will love you back”. For more blogs on skincare, click here. Follow me on Instagram for product reviews. See you in the next one!

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